12:30 pm - Sun, Apr 13, 2014
10:52 am - Mon, Jan 13, 2014
6:33 pm - Thu, Jan 2, 2014
Knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when you give it away
Peter Schwartz
6:32 pm
5:29 pm - Sun, Dec 8, 2013
I must pour everything into everything, in order to maintain my balance.
8:26 am - Mon, Oct 21, 2013
2:56 pm - Mon, Sep 16, 2013
Everything you imagine is real.
Pablo Picasso
1:19 pm - Mon, Sep 9, 2013
Make the cut. Deep. A nick or a tickle won’t do. Get bloody. Cut off your own head if you can’t unfuck it because you and your thinking are the biggest barrier to your own progress.
Gym Jones
4:14 pm - Fri, Jul 5, 2013
Rules are made for people who aren’t willing to make up their own.
Chuck Yeager
2:20 pm - Mon, Jun 24, 2013
Western culture has things a little backwards right now. We think that if we had every comfort available to us, we’d be happy. We equate comfort with happiness. And now we’re so comfortable we’re miserable. There’s no struggle in our lives. No sense of adventure. We get in a car, we get in an elevator, it all comes easy. What I’ve found is that I’m never more alive than when I’m pushing and I’m in pain, and I’m struggling for high achievement, and in that struggle I think there’s a magic.
Dean Karnazes
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